Professional Development

PAnzA offers workshops and seminars as part of an ongoing professional development programme for members, with some activities open to non-members. We aim to include activities that:

- support and encourage ongoing professional development for Psychosynthesis practitioners
- reflect the psychospiritual nature of Psychosynthesis practice
- cover theory and practice
- include Psychosynthesis-specific as well as general counselling and psychotherapy skills and information
- support practice in the context of a multi-cultural society in a bi-cultural nation.

Past professional development programmes included workshops with Juliet Batten, Robyn Rogers, Tom Yeomans (via Skype), Peter Hubbard and Helen Palmer, Mark Skelding and Deryn Cooper, and Will Parfitt (via Skype) and Heather Came and Mitzi Nairn and more recently Keith Hackwood (via Zoom). These workshops were well attended and appreciated by members of the wider Psychosynthesis Community in Auckland and beyond.
We are working on making some workshops available as audio and video recordings, depending upon technology and on the wishes of individual presenters. All attendees were supplied with a certificate of attendance for professional development purposes.

PAnzA Professional Development Programme 2017

As details of this years programme are yet to be completely finalised, notices will be sent via the community email list as each workshop date is confirmed. So far in 2017 we ahve had presentations from Lea Holford on "Trauma and the Soul" and from Margaret Bowater on dreams and her new book on this subject. We hope to offer several more at least this year, which could include another presentation from Peter Hubbard. Dates and times to be confirmed.

To generally register for workshops: Details will be given closer to the time. You can make a direct payment to PAnzA- Kiwibank- 38-9012-0011154-00 (reference date of workshop). Then email PAnzA to confirm attendance and payment. We hope to have a specific PAnzA email address up and running shortly.

Note: As an Incorporated Society we are not GST registered.

The Essentials of Psychosynthesis -
for Practitioners
West Auckland.


NEW DATE: Thursday Feb 2 (6.00pm) - 6 February, 2017 (10.00am check out)


This shorter course is designed for people who have taken a professional qualification in Psychosynthesis and are interested in furthering, deepening, and reflecting on its essential premises around consciousness and will, s/Self realising, presence, and aligning with evolutionary processes of change in themselves, others, community and the world.


This particular Essentials will be a personal update and professional development refresher on how "Essential Psychosynthesis" is being taught, and as an introduction to, and opportunity to make suggestions towards, the emerging new teaching project.  It is also designed to interest practitioners who may feel drawn to facilitate Psychosynthesis learning in others, whether in processes similar to their own training, or in other contexts.


It is envisaged as being somewhat like a highly participatory, experiential conference with a particular focus on the needs and calling of this time of change, transition, and transformation.




Thursday: Arrive from 3pm.

Dinner - 6pm

Welcome - ritual - overview 7.30

Lt supper - 9.30



9.30 - 5.00 - experiential programme facilitated by Robyn Rogers and Mark Skelding, combining over 20 years experience of group facilitation exploring Psychosynthesis principles, maps and models with newcomers and old hands alike.  In particular, the focus will be:


Being Centre - of Consciousness....and Will:

Consciousness and the Egg Diagram

Alignment and Presence - Body, Feelings, and Mind


Working with the Feedback:

Creativity and Spirit

The Crises of Awakening


After the Awakening - What?

Will, purpose, intention and evolution

(incl. Colonisation & multi-cultural right relating)


7.00 - 8.30 - reflective dialogue sessions on themes of the day will be facilitated by senior practitioners.  These will consider opportunities for evolving the content of training in the light of contemporary social needs, the requirements of working within a regulatory framework, and working with practitioners from other modalities, disciplines and worldviews.


Sunday evening will become rather more of a celebration, and may run later!


Prices and other details available here shortly - $250-300 envisaged.  Number dependent.

“The only thing to do is to be where you are at this moment, sometimes looking about in the full light of consciousness, other times standing comfortably in the deep shadows of mystery and the unknown.”

Thomas Moore, Care of the Soul (1992)