About PAnzA

Psychosynthesis Aotearoa New Zealand Australia (PAnzA) was established in 2011:


• To further the professional development of those working as Psychosynthesis counsellors and psychotherapists, through organising activities such as workshops, seminars, conferences, and through the creation of a Journal publishing research and articles.

• To enable representation of Psychosynthesis counsellors and psychotherapists in their wider professional context, through developing relationships with relevant organisations and advocating on behalf of the interests of members where appropriate.

• To provide a register of members, and to make available to the public a list of Psychosynthesis counsellors and psychotherapists.

• To provide opportunities for members to further develop community with one another.

• To play a role in expanding the knowledge of Psychosynthesis as a tool for individual and social change within the wider community.

• To disseminate information about Psychosynthesis training courses, events, workshops and conferences in our two countries, as well as relevant international activities such as conferences, publications, research and websites.


PAnzA is a voluntary organisation (i.e. an incorporated society) with an executive committee elected at annual general meetings.


Currently there is a committee consisting of:

Chairperson: -  Dr Mark Haxell (acting joint chairperson)

Secretary - Catherine Russell

Treasurer - Paul Moloney

Interim Maori representative - Currently Vacant

Community development - Mark Skelding

Professional development - Dr Mark Haxell

Ethics Convenor-

Committee members- Claire Virtue, Jerry Stewart, Caroline Stronge

“Let us feel and obey the urge aroused by the great need of healing the serious ills which at present are affecting humanity; let us realize the contribution we can make to the creation of a new civilization characterised by an harmonious integration and co-operation, pervaded by the spirit of synthesis.”

Roberto Assagioli